MG MGA sport car seats designed by Corbeau and Cobra seats

Drive a vintage MG MGA? These classic sport cars are stunning in design but sometimes you need that additional comfort from your seats. We have these retro styled Cobra and Corbeau seats available which provide additional neck and head support while keeping the styling just right for your MG MGA, one of those most sleekClassic cars we have worked with.

After recently working with some MG MGA owners we hand picked the best seats for this vehicle. Understanding that the cockpit has limited room and that the seats need to keep within the classic styling of the MG MGA we decided that the Corbeau Sportsman recliner and Corbeau Sportsman Static were the best choices.

MG MGA Classic bucket seats

Both of the Corbeau seats have slim measurements ensuring they will fit within the restraints of the tight cockpit area. Both seats also provide additional neck and head support over the standard MG MGA bucket seats.

If you feel its time to upgrade your seats then take a look at what we have to offer and if you need any custom trim, colours, piping or optional extras then drop us an email and we will be happy to design the right seats for you.


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