Mazda MX-5 owners club discounts on bucket seats from Corbeau, Cobra and Sparco

Time for some bucket seats in your Mazda MX-5? If your part of the MX-5 Owners Club or MX-5 Owners Club NL we are now putting package prices together for your club members to ensure you get the right seats for you at the right prices.

After having numerous enquiries for the Mazda MX-5 we decided it was time to get some information together about the bucket seats which will fit nicely in the tight cockpit space available.

These small sports cars handle fantastically and demand a seat that can provide comfort and support to match. We know that general road car uses and racing car drivers have been feeling this for years.

For an easy fit solution we recommend the Cobra Clubman and Mamba Clubman. both of these seats are small enough to fit on both the drivers and passengers side without compromise. These seats will do the trick and provide the upgrade you need from the OEM Mazda seats.

If your looking for a hardened racing seat we then recommend the Corbeau Forza Sport and Cobra Clubman. Both of these seats are superior and support, style and design. From previous tests these are very tight in the vehicle and will need a little basic DIY knowledge to get them to fit. These will also work best on the drivers side as their is more room in the cockpit than the passengers side of the MX’-5 Sports car.

For those who just prefer a nice classic look seat we also have the Cobra Classic and Corbeau Classic bucket seats. These simple yet stylish retro style seats can look and feel just right if that’s the kind of seat your after. With these 3 main choices of seat we feel we have a good range available!


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