Corbeau Forza Sport Vinyl Motorsport seat in stock and in-store!

Corbeau Forza Sport Vinyl Motorsport seat

The Corbeau Forza Sport vinyl Motorsport bucket seat is the perfect affordable solution for those wanting a durable off-road seat which will provide you with comfort and support while being able to sustain heavy use and be open to the elements off-road or even for marine use!

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This seat is designed with heavy duty vinyl as seen in the photo. The entire seat is covered in this material from the head supports through to the base to ensure no weak points which would be susceptible to the elements.  The back panel and design keeps in theme with the original Corbeau Forza Sport seat and the grab patches from the original seat can also still be seen in the design.

Corbeau Forza Sport Vinyl now available on-line!

This seat comes with base and side mount holes which provides you various fixing points depending on the method of use for the seat and the space available for fixing. This Corbeau Forza Sport bucket seat in vinyl really is a great affordable option for off-road vehicles and even marine boats in need of more support.

Link this seat with a LUKE harness belt for ultimate support and comfort. All these products can be found on our website.

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