Leather Cobra Daytona sport seats for BlackBerry handset demo vans



BlackBerry-Cobra-Sport-Seats-1We are especially proud of this project as we designed the framework for the seats and trucks and the seats them selves. These stunning Cobra Daytona sport seats were needed with short notice and the entire project had to be completed within just a few weeks.

The specification of the seats and project was that they needed to look classy, sophisticated with a racing look to really sit nicely with the modern approach BlackBerry are taking with their latest range of handsets. With this in mind the Cobra Daytona sport seats were a great option and trimmed in full leather really do look the part.

The Cobra Daytona is a classy and timeless sports seat which has been installed into various sports cars for years, recently we have seen them being installed more and more into football stadiums and various other locations and also used more and more with project vehicles and demo cars.

We have these available from a standard trim pattern through to bespoke trim options and full leather as seen here.


We have provided bespoke and custom seats for various projects from football stadiums, sports teams, technology giants, retail shops and are able to build and design bespoke seats for any requirements you may have. Contact us today to get a full tailor made quote to exacting requirements. We ensure we will find the right design and product for you.

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