Full range of Mirco Motorsport seats now in-store!


Here we have the full range of Mirco Motorsport FIA bucket seats in-store and available for testing. We strongly recommend coming and paying us a visit to check out the Mirco RTS, Mirco RS1 and Mirco RS2.

With seats starting from just £279.00 with full FIA approval and with fantastic build quality we really do want you to come down and take a seat in these fantastic seats.

The Mirco RTS is their standard shoulder support deep seated bucket seat which is perfect for road cars, race cars, drift cars, stage rallying and most Motorsports. The deep seated position works perfectly with people upto a 38″ waist if not even a little bigger and also provides facility to be used with upto 6 point harnesses.

The Mirco RS1 is the next step up which is their full head restraint bucket seat based on the Mirco RTS. The front thigh supports are rounded off so its easier to get in and out and the shoulders feel incredibly well designed. The head support system is tight giving you optimum support and is perfect for your athletically shaped racing driver.

The Mirco RS2 is the larger version of the Mirco RS1. This gives more room inside the seat for the larger driver and this really is the main difference as the rest of the seat design and shape is the same. Which one will you fit? Visit us to find out!

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