Over 250 colour choices just for you

250 colour combinations for you.

We had this set of Mirco GT seats with yellow stitching made for our customer.
We were very pleased to see his video review shortly after delivery. 

Mirco seat choices and options

The Mirco GT has been one of our most popular seats since we introduced it to our range in 2013. The Mirco GT is a narrow fit seat suitable for drivers upto a 34″ waist and upto 6ft 3″ in height. 

Once you’ve decided the Mirco GT is the right seat for you, it’s time to design it to match your tastes. This is where Mirco really stand out with more trims, fabrics, colours and options than almost any other brand on the market. 

It’s always great to see a finished set of seats in the hands of one very happy customer. This particular seat was trimmed with black vinyl and yellow stitching and we think they look great.

What would you choose? 

Trims: Velour / 3D / Vinyl are available. 

Stitching colours: 250 from blue and orange, to yellow and silver.

Fabric colours: 25 choices from red and blue, to orange and white. 

Logos: Various logo colours and custom logo upgrades available. 

Shell colours: A choice of 7 different shell colours.

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