Sparco 10% limited time offer

Sparco 10% limited time offer.

September limited time offer: We bring you 10% off all Sparco racing bucket seats.
Now is the perfect time to get your next FIA racing seat or sports recliner. 

Sparco seat choices and options

The latest range of Sparco QRT Motorsport seats are simply outstanding. Sparco provided their range with one of the biggest updates they have completed during the last 2 decades. 

The QRT range are 30% lighter than the previous Sparco models. This means each seat can be as little as 6.5kg in weight. This weight saving is critical for drivers wanting to lighten every kg from their race car.  

Each Sparco QRT Motorsport seat has been designed with different driver sizes in mind. The Evo, Evo II, QRT-R, Circuit and Circuit II all offer different benefits depending on your size and shape. 

What would you choose? Well, contact us and lets get you booked in to try them out! 

Trims: Velour soft touch fabric. 

Driver size: Ranging from 5ft 5″ to 6ft 2″ depending on model.

Safety features: Available with or without side impact head support. 

Cushion design: Now with single piece cushions and 6 point facility. 

Shell colours: Black fibreglass designs.

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