Mazda MX-5 MK3 guide now online

Mazda MX-5 MK3 guide now online!

What seats fit? What seats do we recommend? Let GSM Performance help you.
We have created our guide to ensure you order the right products, for your needs. 

Sparco seat choices and options

We have created our guide from previous vehicle testing. By knowing what seats fit with hands on experience, we know that when we recommend the right fitting equipment with the right seat, you’ll be able to drive away happy and with all the support you need. 

We recommend a small selection of seats. It’s not to say that others will not fit, but we know with certainty, that these seats do fit. If you have questions about any other seats you want to install, then simply contact us and we’ll provide further advice.  

Once you know which seat fits the car, it’s just as important to make sure the seat fits you. Need to know which seat is most suitable for your height and shape? Not a problem, give us a or drop us an email and we’ll provide sizing advice too.

Bucket seats: We recommend 4 direct fit seats. 

Reclining seats: We recommend 4 direct fit reclining seats.

Clearance: All our recommendations clear your interior trim panels.

Size guide: Need to know which seat you fit best? Ring us today. 

Professional advice and decades of experience.

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