P1 Mulsanne Racing Jacket

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The historic P1 Mulsanne Racing Jacket from is manufactured from a single layer of flame resistant material making it perfect for use throughout classic motorsport events. This jacket features a complementary design to that of jackets worn by professional drivers in the 1960s, allowing the wearer to have a completely retro appearance. This jacket is ideal for competitive motorsport events in which FIA-approved clothing is not required.

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P1 Mulsanne Racing Jacket Sizing Guide

This sizing guide will ensure that you get a P1 racing jacket in the best size for you. Measurements should be taken when standing up unless stated otherwise. Please read the instructions thoroughly to ensure you will have the best suit size.

  • Height (cm) – The length from the top of your head to the soles of your feet.
  • Chest (cm) – The circumference of your chest around the largest part. Your arms must be at your sides for this measurement to be accurate.
  • Waist (cm) – The circumference of your waist from the location of your navel.
  • Weight (kg) – Your weight whilst wearing minimal clothing (such as undergarments).