Rosso Racing HS-10 WRC Practice Headset

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The state-of-the-art Rosso Racing HS-10 WRC Practice Headset provides premium sound quality, excellent noise attenuation, and utmost comfort for the user.

Featuring an asymmetrical design for maximum comfort, the headset’s earcups remain in a stable position throughout use, regardless of the user’s head dimensions. Specially designed to be a minimal size with soft padding, the HS-10 WRC headset’s earcups feature amazing noise absorption that peaks at 33db. Including a military-grade noise-cancelling microphone on an adjustable boom with a foam filter, this premium headset provides industry-leading audio quality.

To make this headset accessible to racers with equipment from different brands, the HS-10 WRC Practice Headset is compatible with Peltor & Stilo WRC amplifiers, as well as the Rosso Racing IC-10 & IC-200 systems.

Styled with the Rosso Racing logo this headset is also available in multiple colours. Please note that the product image is for illustration purposes only & your chosen headset colour is the one you will receive.

Key Features:

  • Range-Topping Audio Quality
  • Excellent Noise Cancellation
  • Maximum Comfort
  • Military-Grade Microphone
  • Highly Compatible
  • Available in Multiple Colours


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