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3 Reasons Why a HANS Device is Essential

Participating in motorsport can be very dangerous. Here at GSM Performance, our goal is to reduce the risk of injury by providing the very best safety equipment in the industry. One of the most important pieces of racewear you need to have is a HANS device. If you don’t already own a HANS device, here are three reasons why you should.

1. Racing Without a HANS Device Could Be Fatal

HANS is an acronym for ‘Head & Neck Support’. A HANS device is specially designed to reduce the risk of injury to your head & neck during an impact. This is done by connecting its unique clips to advanced anchors on FIA-approved helmets. Once everything is connected, during an impact, a HANS device restrains the user’s head & neck to prevent severe whiplash or potentially worse injuries.

The following video from YouTube user, Skidpup, is a prime example of the difference that using a HANS device can make during an impact. The co-driver on the right is wearing a HANS device, however, the driver on the left is not & there is a significant difference in terms of safety.

2. HANS Devices are Compulsory for FIA Events

Due to the exceptional safety & support of a HANS device, they are compulsory in FIA-regulated events along with many other motorsport competitions. In other words, without a HANS device, you won’t be allowed to participate in the events. Ranging from track days to even Formula 1, a HANS device will protect you no matter what discipline of motorsport you’re competing in.

The most recent FIA approval rating for HANS devices is FIA 8858-2010 & all HANS devices carrying the current homologation are fully compatible with all helmets FIA 8858-2010 approved and higher.

3. HANS Devices are Easily Affordable

Along with their exceptional construction & advanced safety, HANS devices carry an affordable price tag so that everyone competing in motorsport can ensure their safety. At GSM Performance, we provide an extensive range of safety equipment for motorsport, including HANS devices starting from just £238.80. Whether you’re after a regular HANS model or a more advanced hybrid design, you can race in safety without breaking the bank.

If you don’t currently own a HANS device, then now’s the time to buy! Contact us today & our racewear specialist will gladly help get you sorted with the best motorsport safety equipment to suit your needs.

Why not book an appointment to visit our showroom? You’ll be able to test our vast range of HANS devices, helmets, racewear, seats & more!


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