Are bucket seats comfortable? The right ones are!

Here at GSM Performance we get told over and over again, “I’ve been using bucket seats and they give me crippling back pain.”, “I can use them for events but driving long distances is agony”, “I just want something that’s cheap and FIA approved”. Well when we hear this kind of information it rings alarm bells straight away because we know for a fact. The right bucket seat will be comfortable.

What’s been causing discomfort?

Firstly lets get down to the basics and answer the key question head on. What’s been causing discomfort? Simply it’s because the drivers sat in the wrong seat for your their body shape, height, width and proportion.

Every single bucket seat available is a different shape, just as we are. From the most popular 120 seats in-store, we know that each customer that walks through our door will need a different seat depending on their body shape and getting this right is key to enjoying the right seating experience.

What to look for with your bucket seat?

There’s a range of key factors that we look for when providing our in-store seating fitting service. In fact there are 6 factors that we access with each seat you test. We’ll focus on just 2 of those key factors within this article to assist you when finding the right seat, but we must stress that physically testing a range of seats is critical to getting this choice right. Contact us, book in and let us help you get this choice right.

  • Shoulder positioning: Your shoulders should be tucked neatly within the curvature of the shoulder protection zones of the bucket seat. Not below, and not above. This will ensure that your upper body is supported correctly and will allow your back to fall into the right curve of the seat. With your shoulders above or below this central point, you’ll find discomfort usually under your armpit or incorrect contact with the supports when driving.
  • Hip width: You should be able to sit down in the seat and feel your hips slot between the side supports which will nuzzle into your hips holding you in place. You want them to feel snug to ensure your body weight is held correctly in place but you do not want to feel the supports on your hip bone which can cause discomfort. If it’s to tight you can suffer a range of symptoms including pins and needles to numbness. At the same time, you don’t want them to lose otherwise their not actually doing the job their intended for.
 Driver at 5ft 6″ with suitable position Driver at 6ft with compromised position

How should your bucket seat feel?

Once you’ve tested a range of seats, we’ve accessed several keys points and body pressure spots, there will be a seat which works for your body shape. Once your using that seat your bucket seat should feel like it was made for you, providing support and comfort from short journeys to extended endurance racing.

We know we will find the right seat for you, so if you have any questions or you’re ready to sit comfortably, then contact us on 0115 9893488 or use the contact form we’ve linked to. We’ll be more than happy to help.

How can i help?

Before you leave. Is there anything I can assist with? With 17 years of industry knowledge and hands-on experience, I’m here to help. Let’s get you race ready!

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