Is your FIA Motorsport helmet in date?

Is your FIA helmet in date?

The last thing you want to do, is turn up to your next Motorsport event only to find your equipment is out of date. With that in mind it’s always best to check your FIA/SNELL dates, but equally it can be just as hard to understand what’s current and what is. We’re here to help. 

FIA Standards

FIA Standards are recognised throughout the UK and Europe Motorsport events

Snell Standards

Required for American Motorsport events, but do not apply to events throughout Europe.

FIA/Snell dates explained

We’ve referenced all the dates on this page, simply check your helmet against the dates here to check if your due a new helmet.

If your helmets no longer valid, do not worry.  Contact us today and we’ll be happy to check the helmet you’ve got against the current range and find the right helmet for you.  

FIA Helmets

Snell Helmets

Ready for a new helmet?  With a full range available from brands like Bell, Sparco, OMP and ZAMP, we’ll be able to match you with any helmet for any requirement. From fibreglass to Carbon, open face and closed face. lets put #Safetyfirst and get you racing safe. 

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