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The Importance of Safety Equipment In Motorsport: Pascal Wehrlein’s F1 Sauber Flip

Here at GSM Performance, we can’t stress enough the importance of using the right safety equipment within motorsport as, when used correctly, safety equipment can prevent serious injury or even fatalities when driving.

Just over a week ago, during the Monaco 2017 F1 Grand Prix, Pascal Wehrlein was involved in a particularly nasty incident on the track after a collision with Jenson Button’s McLaren. After Wehrlein’s rear tyre driving over Button’s front tyre, Wehrlein’s Sauber was flipped over onto its side and collided with the barrier at the side of the track.

After a few intense moments, Wehrlein confirmed he was fine and was able to promptly remove himself from the vehicle after its position had been corrected by the nearby stewards. Had he not been using the correct safety equipment, Wehrlein could have been seriously injured or even worse during the accident.

Whilst the vehicle’s construction itself is a technologically advanced achievement for safety, Wehrlein was wearing some of the most important racewear in order to keep him safe during the competition. Perhaps the most important racewear in this situation was his helmet & HANS device. Without his FIA-approved helmet, he would have received serious damage to his head. The HANS device worn around his neck & connected to his helmet ensured that his head did not move much during the crash so that he would be more protected against head & neck injuries. Watch the video below to see the accident in full.

If you’re planning to compete in a motorsport event, ranging from track day through to an official rally championship, make sure you book an appointment to come and visit our extensive showroom so that we can ensure you have all the necessary safety equipment. Featuring a vast range of products from the HANS III HANS device worn by Pascal to a complete array of FIA-approved racewear & helmets designed by leading brands to ensure your protection. Contact us today and we’ll be more than happy to help you remain safe out on the track.


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