Installing Corbeau Sport Seats (Dual Bolt Pattern)

Corbeau base mounted bucket seats and sport seats recliners have two different installation methods. When we supply these seats, we know what frames from what brands fit perfectly, but you’ll need to know about the dual bolt pattern to install them correctly.

Corbeau Seats Dual Bolt Pattern:

All Corbeau base mounted sport seats come with a dual bolt pattern. One set of bolts are 291mm wide and the other set of bolts are 345mm wide. When you receive your new seats and flip them over, you’ll see a set of captive nuts with the M8 bolts already fitted. The bolt pattern you’re looking at is the 291mm narrow installation.

  • 291mm wide – Bolt pattern 1
  • 345mm wide – Bolt pattern 2

When we supply Corbeau seats with fitting frames, in 99% of cases they will not install with this narrow fit bolt pattern that you can see. If you do attempt installation using these, you’ll find the sliding runner handle doesn’t fit correctly and the bolt points do not line up as they should.

Fitting Corbeau Seats Using The Wide Bolt Pattern:

You may not be able to see the second bolt pattern as it is usually covered by fabric due to the way the seats are trimmed. To find the second bolt pattern, feel slightly wider than the narrow bolt pattern and you’ll locate the captive nuts that you can use for installation.

When you align the second set of bolt points up with your new fitting equipment, you’ll find that the bolt holes line up correctly and the sliding runner handle will now fit perfectly between your rails.

What Seat Frames Work With Which Corbeau Bolt Points?

So which of the bolt points work with what frames? From testing and experience we know that the internal bolt points work well with Cobra fitting frames and the external bolt points work well with Corbeau, Sparco and OMP fitting frames.

We Have The Answers:

We hope this guide helped you understand how to install your new Corbeau sports seats. If you still have installation questions about Corbeau seats or any others, simply contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

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