Lamborghini’s Brand New Aventador SV Speed Boat

At GSM Performance, we love all types of motorsports, whether they’re on the land, sea or in the air. That’s why we absolutely love the look of this brand new Lamborghini Aventador SV speed boat! That and the fact that it’s made by Lamborghini.

Paired with a luminous green Lamborghini Aventador SV Roadster with a 750bhp engine that can reach 217mph, the similarly styled boat features an engine capable of producing 1,550bhp in order to reach over 180mph on water!

Constructed to specifically resemble its tarmac-hugging sibling, the boat includes lights worth £16,000, a £20,000 stereo, 10,000 underwater LEDs & a premium Lamborghini Aventador steering wheel to commandeer the vessel.

Even with price tag of £1.75million for the pair, there’s no harbour that should be without Lamborghini’s Aventador SV styling!


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