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Latest Corbeau Revolution

The latest in Corbeau Revolution design…


Latest Corbeau RevolutionThe Corbeau Revolution is a prime example of a premium racing seat. With hoop head protection integrated into the Kevlar shells your onto a winner. They’ve designed this seat with rigidity in mind. As you upgrade the shell to Kevlar and Carbon you really see the flex disappear when sat in this seat.

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Why buy the Corbeau Revolution?

Firstly Corbeau are a premium UK brand using only the highest grade materials and components to ensure an incredibly durable and impressive product. We find that if our customers choice Corbeau their never going to be dissatisfied. Secondly the Revolution provides deep support at the hips and kidneys. This means that your body weight is held in position allowing you to concentrate on driving. This seat is one of the best in the market for this level of side support.

What trims are available?

As standard the Corbeau Revolution comes in black and you can change the colour of the central panels free of charge. Your choices are between black/blue/red/grey. If you want a little more flare for a small cost we can have the stitching upgraded to another colour for you. If you want to go the full hog then we can have the seat custom trimmed in almost any design you can dream of.

Time to try the Corbeau Revolution

So you need to know if you need the standard size or the large size and if it’s suitable for your height and shape? Contact us and we’ll get you booked in to test the seats and see which you prefer. We display all the Corbeau seats in-store and on-line.

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