Fresh In! OMP range of FIA bucket seats


OMP FIA bucket seats arriveWe had an exciting new delivery of OMP FIA bucket seats yesterday including their most popular models. The OMP First-R, OMP Champ-R, OMP WRC-R and OMP HTE-R. These 4 FIA seats are their best selling fibreglass bucket seats and come with premium fabrics and materials at an affordable price.


OMP Focus on creating a quality product at a great price and their latest range shows just this. With their Champ-R and First-R from just £250.00 their very well priced and far more affordable than some of the bigger brand names.


With a mix of fantastic materials including their velour and breathable air-net fabric. This fabric allows the heat to move around the seat with more efficiently. And therefore leads to a more comfortable driving experience.

Seat Models:

Each model provides different levels of support with the First-R and Champ-R providing rolled off thigh support for easier entry and exit and slightly smaller in design than the WRC-R. The WRC-R however has high levels of thigh support for a more secure experience and allows you to sit deeper in the seat. The HTE-R works on a similar basis to the WRC-R but also includes an in-built head restraint system for those needing maximum support.

Which seat’s best for you?

There’s a wide range of factors which would answer that from the levels of support you need to, to your height and size. If you really want to know what’s best then give us a call, book in and come and try them for your self.

How can i help?

Before you leave. Is there anything I can assist with? With 17 years of industry knowledge and hands-on experience, I’m here to help. Let’s get you race ready!

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