Bell FIA Helmets Updated For Summer 2023

Bell FIA Helmets Updated For Summer 2023

Our FIA Bell helmet range has been updated with the latest 2023 information about safety features, helmet weight, materials, and FIA approvals. With this latest 2023 updated, our bell helmets now have brand new interior colour options available across our range of helmets with lots of colours to choose from. This changes the colour of all interior helmet cushions making these helmets more unique and personal to you. We have ten interior colours for every FIA Bell motorsport helmet and ten different sizes, making these helmets suitable for all drivers. 

We have recently added the Bell HP7 Evo III carbon helmet to our website, and is now available this summer in 2023. This is one of Bell’s top helmets that use the best materials that are designed for reducing weight and adding strength to the helmet. This helmet is FIA approved and can be used in any motorsport event. 

View The New Bell HP7 Evo III Carbon Helmet Here

The Bell HP7 Evo III Carbon Helmet has been constructed using a collaboration of ideas from Formula One drivers and teams in order to create a professional racing helmet that meets the demands of professional and club racers. Military-grade carbon fibre has been used for the shell, alongside energy-absorbing materials, making the helmet incredibly strong and reliable. Despite its durability, the HP7 Evo III is deceptively light, exceeding the FIA 8860-2018 advanced helmet standard for Motorsport.

The mechanism that controls the visor locates the pivot points lower on the helmet’s shell, allowing for increased levels of aerodynamics and reduced noise levels. When the visor is fully up, the helmet is virtually completely sealed, meaning very little to no water or air can penetrate through the eye ports. This helmet comes with an optical grade visor that varies in thickness and also contains anti-fog properties, ensuring your vision will remain clear. Integrated channels allow for integrated drinking tubes to be installed, or communication systems if wanted.

Our In-Store Bell Helmet Display

Our Bell Helmet range consists of open and closed faced helmets that have different approvals to suit either fast road and track use, or FIA homologated events. With every helmet, there are many sizes from “XS – XXXL” to fit all drivers. Bell has many top-end helmets such as strong and lightweight Carbon Fibre helmets like the Bell HP7 Carbon helmet for the more serious drivers.   

Our Bell Helmet Range

We supply a range of the world’s very best full and open face Bell motorsport helmets. We have a wide array of FIA-homologated helmets from FIA-8858 through to FIA-8860, specially designed for motorsport use.

Our Bell Helmets In-Store

The brand new MAG is an entry-level, lightweight open-face Premium Helmet in a modern design. Featuring a lightweight fiberglass shell and an adjustable peak fitted with antiglare sunscreen, the MAG is the perfect helmet for amateur drivers seeking a very affordable open-face helmet without making any compromise about safety.

The GP3 Sport helmet from Bell is manufactured to create a lightweight yet durable composite shell. This aerodynamic helmet features a duckbill spoiler and an incredibly efficient ventilation system, consisting of four chin bar vents and three adaptable top vents, which dramatically improve airflow throughout the helmet. Bell’s remarkable double screen anti-fog (DSAF) visor grants the wearer exceptional visibility throughout any weather conditions.

  • Available in-store
    Finance available

    Bell Mag Helmet

    From £259.00 Excl VAT £310.80 Incl VAT
  • Available in-store
    Finance available

    Bell GP3 Sport Helmet

    From £522.00 Excl VAT £626.40 Incl VAT

Bundle Item Recommendations...

With every Bell helmet, we have attached bundle items to the checkout that are suitable to be used with that specific helmet you have took to the checkout. We have recommended our best HANS devices to keep you more secure and safe and also our high-quality balaclavas for added comfort. 

  • Available in-store

    Alpinestars Race V3 Balaclava

    From £40.00 Excl VAT £48.00 Incl VAT
  • Available in-store

    OMP First FIA 8856-2018 Balaclava

    From £31.00 Excl VAT £37.20 Incl VAT
  • Available in-store
    0% pay-in-3

    Stand21 Club Series 1 HANS Device

    From £195.50 Excl VAT £234.60 Incl VAT
  • Available in-store
    0% pay-in-3

    Stand21 Club Series 3 HANS Device

    From £240.00 Excl VAT £288.00 Incl VAT
  • Finance available

    Simpson Hybrid Pro Lite Head & Neck Restraint

    From £1,142.00 Excl VAT £1,370.40 Incl VAT

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