F1 Singapore 2017 – First Lap Disaster

Over the weekend, the Formula 1 2017 Singapore Grand Prix took place at night. The cars lined up on the grid, the lights went out. Everything was going as planned until the drivers raced off the start line. Max Verstappen got off to a fantastic start, however, things suddenly changed for the worst.

Sebastian Vettel suddenly closed in on the Verstappen’s Red Bull vehicle & sandwiched it between himself & Ferrari teammate, Kimi Raikkonen. Raikkonen’s car was quickly damaged & forced an early race retirement for the long-running driver. With Raikkonen spiralling out of control down the main straight, Verstappen got caught in the chaos once more, this time, the impact from Kimi’s Ferrari took him out of the race. Vettel followed shortly after with another early retirement, making a very rare double DNF for Ferrari.

Watch the video below to see what went wrong on the opening lap. For more detailed stats on Sunday’s race, head on over to the official Formula 1 website.

We’re pleased to hear that no-one was badly injured in the opening events of the race. Throughout the motorsport world, there are always constant reminders of just how important it is to have the correct safety equipment. This is one of those times, as, without their helmets, HANS devices, harnesses & more technologically advanced safety equipment, the events of Sunday’s Singapore Grand Prix could have turned out a lot worse.

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The F1 2017 Video Game is Out Today

The official Formula 1 video game created by legendary British racing game developers, Codemasters, has been released today on consoles & PCs.

Highly praised by critics, the 2017 F1 game perfectly recreates the unpredictability of the actual races themselves and includes many more features, resulting in the greatest F1 game from Codemasters to date. The virtual cars themselves are identical recreations of the actual things, with the new vehicles utilising a heavier handling model with more force feedback than ever before in order to truly immerse the player.

One of the new features is an array of vehicles included for use from the events of previous F1 championships, for example, Michael Schumacher’s 2004 Ferrari & Senna’s 1991 McLaren.

With an extensive upgrade to the research & development system used in the career mode, F1 2017 allows players to completely direct their team concentrates their efforts, altering which upgrades are unlocked.

Graphically, F1 2017 is a masterpiece. The attention to detail is exceptional, capturing every little detail about the sport, the lighting is incredibly realistic & the colours are more vibrant than ever before! Check out the trailer below.

Of course, F1 wouldn’t be where it is today without the top-of-the-range safety equipment. If you’re looking to compete in a motorsport event, whether it’s open-top or closed-cockpit, contact us today so that we can get you sorted with all the right safety equipment to suit your needs. From racewear to bucket seats, we’ve got you covered!

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Bottas Secures His First F1 Victory at the Russian Grand Prix

Finnish racing driver, Valtteri Bottas secured his first Formula 1 victory on Sunday in the 2017 Russian Grand Prix. For a long time, Bottas was seen as the underdog of team Mercedes when compared with Lewis Hamilton, however, that impression given to many F1 fans appears to be changing.

With Vettel remaining close behind, Bottas managed to keep a level-head and claim victory by 0.617 seconds. Sebastian Vettel was followed by Kimi Raikkonen who took third place. Hamilton followed soon after to claim fourth, resulting in the top-four positions being fully occupied by drivers for Mercedes & Ferrari.

After an incredibly exciting race, Vettel finished with a 13-point lead over Lewis Hamilton, Whereas, Mercedes finished just one point ahead of Ferrari in the constructors’ championship with 136 points in total.


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Formula 1’s New Safety Shield

This season of F1 has seen the introduction of the new Halo system to increase cockpit protection following recent fatal accidents in motorsport, such as the death of Jules Bianchi. The Halo concept has been a controversial implementation to Formula 1, especially due to its appearance.

During the weekend of the Chinese Grand Prix, the FIA presented the ‘Shield’ concept, which is a transparent screen designed to protect the driver but not cover the full cockpit.This safety feature is set to replace the Halo design currently being used at the start of the 2018 season.

Felipe Massa stated that driver safety is a much larger concern than the appearance of the safety device. Here at GSM Performance, we also feel that safety is incredibly important in every discipline of motorsport. If you plan on participating in events from track days to fully homologated FIA events, we’ll get you sorted with all the safety equipment you need from bucket seats & harnesses to racewear & helmets!



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Renault’s 2027 F1 Vision

Renault has peered into the near-future once again, this time to present to us what it sees as the future of Formula 1 in 2027.

The R.S. 2027 Vision concept is what Renault predict to see in F1 in a decade and for once isn’t a 3D render as the folks over at TopGear.com have actually seen and even touched it!

Featuring a turbocharged V6 engine making use of hybrid power, a KERS system operating at almost five times better than the ones currently in use, incredibly high capacity batteries and even four-wheel drive, resulting in an output of 1340bhp.

Weighing just 600kg, thanks to eco-friendly 3D printed components, the 2027 F1 car-to-be is an engineering masterpiece. Also designed to protect the driver from head injuries, the 2027 Vision concept F1 car includes a transparent polycarbonate cockpit to further increase aerodynamics.

The car’s wheels include LED lights to show the driver’s position, energy status and more, whereas the steering wheel will be an even more technologically advanced piece of equipment to allow the drivers to have many more connections.

This new form of F1 sounds very interesting indeed! Be sure to read more over on TopGear.com for a deeper insight into Renault’s futuristic vision.



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