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Fitting OEM branded racing seats (From one vehicle to another)

mitsubishi-evolution-recaro-seatsGot yourself some OEM branded seats?
Have you got yourself some racing style seats out of a donor car which you are looking to fit in your vehicle? Some great examples of this are taking Sparco seats out of a Ford Racing Puma, Recaro seats out of an Mitsubishi Evolution, maybe even some Recaro seats from a VW Golf R32 and you want to put them in your car?

Tried to fit them and realized they don’t fit?
Each seat is specifically designed by the manufacturer to fit in the intended vehicle and has been designed entirely for the manufacturer. With every car on the market having different floor plans, chassis and designs when you come to swap over your new Recaro or Sparco seats there is a highly likely chance that you have very quickly realized they will not fit.

This is because the manufacturers of the vehicles and seats have never intended them to be transplanted to another vehicle as they were made for the vehicle them came originally fitted in.

So would aftermarket fitting frames work?
A common miss conception is that because the seats are made by Recaro or Sparco then surely a fitting frames by the same manufacturer will fit these seats into your car. For example Recaro make a fitting frame for a BMW E36, so surely the Recaro you may have got out of a Mitsubishi Evolution must fit?

No, the Recaro seats for the Mitsubishi Evolution were designed for that vehicle and use different bolting points and locators to the range of aftermarket Recaro seats which are available on our website. Aftermarket seats are made for a different purpose and designed with different bolting points so in most cases aftermarket fitting frames will not work.

So what off the shelf options are available?
There is no off the shelf answer as the manufacturers never intended the seats to be used in this way. We work closely with every major seat manufacturer on the market and we come across this problem time and time. Transplanting seats between vehicles will either involve modifications and alternations to the original fitting equipment and/or to the new seat.

Custom seat frame solutions:
As a premium retailer and dedicated seat specialist we can create custom seat bases, frames and adaption plates for a range of options. If you want to fit the seats in your car then we ask you to provide us with the following information:

The bolt hole pattern on the base of the seat
The distance between the bolt holes from left to right
The distance between the bolt holes from front to back

Once we have this information we can create a template of the seat and design an adaption plate which would work with an aftermarket frame and slider assuming there is one available. We charge an upfront price of £45.00+VAT for the development cost of the adaption plate, the CADCAM drawings and the labour involved in creating you a custom solution. This is non-refundable and will be charged if you choose to go with the final product design or not.

The final product designs can start from just £49.99 and will be priced and quoted once we have finished the technical drawings of the frame work. Once the invoice is generated and paid custom frames take roughly 14 working days to complete.

Got any other questions? Please email us and I will be happy to help

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