Hi Spec – Jaguar XJ8 360mm Mega Monster Conversion Kit

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Break Kit Specification:

  • Brake Caliper Colour – Black
  • Brake Disc Style – Cross-Drilled Rotors


This Hi Spec Motorsport 360mm Mega Monster conversion kit with for your Jaguar XJ8. The Hi-Spec Mega Monster conversion is currently the largest and most powerful caliper in the Hi Spec range. For those seeking exceptional braking performance, this six-piston caliper provides the ultimate in retardation. The pad has a 70% greater surface area than the Monster calipers and is designed for disc sizes from 335mm right up to 400mm giving extra leverage, increased rotation speed of the disc relative to the pad and more mass to assist with heat dissipation.

What does a full conversion kit do? This full kit combines Hi Spec’s awesome Mega Monster 6-pot alloy caliper with huge two-piece discs to give an incredible increase in braking performance. The huge stopping power of the calipers joins forces with the greater leverage and heat dissipation properties of the 380mm discs to improve braking beyond belief.

Fitting these alloy calipers and light weight two-piece discs has the added benefit of reducing unsprung weight. This is more important than just losing weight from the car. Losing unsprung weight means better handling and response from dampers.

What is a Mega Monster caliper? This awesome caliper is Hi Spec’s flag ship. With 6 pistons and a huge 152mm pad size its gripping potential is enormous. The Mega-Monster features a body that is CNC machined from aerospace-grade billet aluminium resulting in a super-rigid caliper with almost no flex, integral dust seals, internal fluid transfer galleries and a fully anodised finish in a choice of colours.

What.s included? Everything that is listed below and the additional extras which can be picked from the menu above. We like to provide everything that is required for direct fitment with no messing about. We strongly recommend these kits as they are incredible value for money.

The Mega Monster Conversion includes:

  • 2 x Mega Monster Calipers
  • 2 x Curved Vane Rotors
  • 2 x Aluminimum Bells
  • 1 x Bracket Set
  • 1 x Rotor/Bell hardware Pack
  • 1 x Bracket Hardware Pack
  • 1 * EBC Pads (upgradeable)
  • 1 * Dot 5.1 Brake Fluid
  • 1 * Braided Hoses (Optional)

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