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Sparco Pro 2000 V Corbeau Forza Sport

Corbeau Forza Sport V Sparco Pro 2000

The Sparco Pro 2000 V The Corbeau Forza sport in our product showdown. We had a customer email us who just couldn’t make up his mind which one to go for and which one he needed for the requirements he had. I felt their was only 1 way to settle it so we had a display model of each sent over to the showroom and started to look at the seats up close comparing their features, pros and cons. If you want to see more detailed photos of each each then click the image above and you will be able to go through the album on our GSM Performance Facebook page.

So lets look at styling and construction first, this is a very difficult aspect to judge as styling and design is a very personal thing which will vary between each and every one of us. The Pro 2000 2013 edition is firstly a fibrelgass seat and has the same styling as Sparcos entire range whcih means that all their products share the same trim type, fabric, colours, designs and logos making the range uniform in design. When compared to the Corbeau seat we can see its covered in Sparco logos from the headrest to the leg support and adjustable lumbar supports. The Pro 2000 logo is a substantial part of the design and the seat features a dual split piece peg support cushion which is removable and can be replaced. This is one of the leading styling choices of the Sparco seat.

The Corbeau seat is a steel frame constructed seat and we feel is a lot more understated with only the Corbeau Logo being found on the headrest of the seat and the pattern and design very minimum for those who want a seat which does what it needs to do without shouting about it. The seat also comes in a range of colours in additional to the black/grey one we have above. This seat also has the facility to be used with 5 and 6 point harnesses which is a feature of both seats. The main difference I would say is the fact it has an integrated leg support due to the steel frame construction which gives it a deeper seated position.

When we look at the size difference of both seats, their overall dimensions are not to different from each other however they both provide very different seating positions. The pro 2000 technically has a larger seated area which you phsyically sit in however due to its huge side supports when your sat in it, it can feel tighter and smaller than the Corbeau Forza Sport which feels a bit more roomy. But when your looking at competition seats their can be a trade off between support required, accessibly and comfort so we recommend the Sparco Pro 2000 for a tighter fit and the Corbeau Forza Sport for ease of access and long distance driving.

I think the main thing to remember once all the comparisons if size, style, comfort and support are taken into account is the price difference between the seats. The Pro 2000 is roughly £370.80 where as the Corbeau Forza Sport is just £210.00 and at the time of writing this article on offer for just £195.00 This is a huge difference between the 2 seats so for value for money the Corbeau Forza Sport has to win every time but for overall support during track use the Pro 2000 does come out on top.

Sparco Pro 2000 bucket seat – click to view

Corbeau Forza Sport bucket seat – click to view

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